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Participatory Management: Your Key to Business Success

recorded July 2018

Do you love your company and want to keep it strong? Now is the time for these important questions:

  • How can we engage employees in creating an even better company?
  • How does participatory management bring out the best in everybody?
  • Why do so many people hate their bosses? How can managers and supervisors stop generating resentment and start providing the right balance of freedom, accountability, and support?
  • Could we be a better business if employees took ownership, either mentally or literally?

Join Project Equity and leaders from prominent employee-owned companies to learn practical ways that participatory management builds powerful employee engagement.

  • Denise Hernández, Vice President of Operations at Cooperative Home Care Associates, will share how CHCA uses the Coaching Approach to support, improve and enhance communication skills and relationships throughout its 2300 person workforce.
  • Blake Jones, Co-founder of Namaste Solar, will discuss the “Big Picture Meetings” and participatory decision-making at this employee-owned cooperative with 175 people and offices in three states.
  • Linshuang Lu, Principal at Praxis Consulting Group, will explain how to integrate and align your leadership and management practices with creating an ownership culture.
  • Hilary Abell, Co-founder of Project Equity, will introduce our latest publication, Participatory Management: an overview and case study of high-involvement cultures at work, and the tools and challenges in implementing participatory management.


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Now including the impacts of COVID-19, our latest study across the United States indicates millions of businesses are at risk of closing and point to employee ownership as a solution.

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