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Sell your business & attract and retain employees

Learn about employee ownership, and how it can be used to build a succession plan and a tool for employee retention and business resiliency.

With 50% of business owners nationwide at or near retirement and struggling to retain workers, employee ownership is a proven tool with a track record of strengthening business performance and resilience.

Employee ownership can offer:

* Lower turnover: Workers at employee-owned businesses have 46% longer job tenure than their peers in firms that are not employee-owned
* Higher productivity: Employee-owned enterprises reported productivity levels that were 9–19% higher than levels in traditionally structured similar businesses
* Higher profits: Employee-owned firms have an average profit margin almost 8.5% higher than the average private firm
* Greater resilience: In 2020, during COVID business shutdowns, employee-owned companies were less than half as likely to lay off employees and 6 times more likely to say they expected to make a full recovery

Project Equity offers free one-on-one advising to any business owner who wants to learn more and explore a transition to employee ownership. Project Equity can also provide working capital and transaction financing to businesses pursuing a partial or full transition to employee ownership.