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Engage your employees.
Sell your business.
Preserve your legacy.

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Closing the Sale

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Client stories

Jerry Skomer

Former owner,
Alternative Technologies

Jerry Skomer, Former owner of Alternative Technologies, stands near window in office
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Monica and Aaron Rocchino

Former owner,
The Local Butcher Shop

Monica and Aaron Rocchino, Former owners of The Local Butcher Shop​, having transitioned to employee ownership
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Lars Ortegren

Former owner, now employee-owner,
California Solar Electric Company

Lars Ortegren, Former owner, now employee-owner of California Solar Electric Company​
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“For the last 10 years, both collaboration and cooperation have been a driving force behind daily operations at Proof. Transitioning to a model where the labor force owns the business only furthers these values by creating shared responsibility and equity.”

Na Young Ma

Owner, Proof Bakery
“When it came time for us to think about succession, the thought of finding someone to buy us out seemed highly improbable. We have a very distinct niche in the manufacturing world, and there wasn’t any obvious path forward.”

Tom Adams

Co-Founder, Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass
“Being an owner has changed my life because it has provided so much security and stability.”

Sarah Vegas

Niles Pie
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The case for employee ownership is clear

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Employee ownership keeps businesses open, locally rooted and thriving

Half of U.S. businesses with employees are owned by baby boomers who are set to retire soon. This Silver Tsunami of business owners is coming to your community.

Local economic development leaders, we can help bring good jobs to your community. Read about our regional initiatives across the nation.

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