Find out if you and your business are ready to transition to employee ownership

Project Equity helps you explore the fit

During the feasibility phase, we will conduct a formal feasibility study that will assist you in determining how ready your business is for employee ownership. At this stage, we’ll also discuss whether a full or partial transition is right for you right now. In addition, we present an overview of financing options available.

By the end of this phase, we’ll have a better understanding of the following:

Owner Goals

As an owner, what are your goals? How will employee ownership help you meet your goals? How big of a role, if any, do you want in owning and operating after the sale? This phase is very much targeted at the owner’s goals, and together we’ll assess your current readiness. Whether an owner wants to exit the company or stay on, we’ll work with you to understand the path you want to take. Hear from owners about their goals.

Financial health

The business should be successful and stable at the time of sale to the employees, with an optimistic financial forecast. We’ll look at the debt load the company can take on to buy out the current owner—whether a partial or complete sale at this stage—which will inform a fair value sale price. Learn more about how owners prepare for the sale of their business.

Employee readiness

Every business has a unique set of circumstances. Together, we will determine the right timing and approach for bringing information about employee ownership to your employees. Whether you want to gauge interest or are looking to deepen engagement, we can help. Hear from employee-owners about their experience with the transition.

Understanding readiness is critical, but you don’t have to be “ready” all on your own

We’re here to help. Whatever your business and personal goals, employee ownership can unlock opportunities to take your business to the next level and help it thrive for generations to come.

Meet the Project Equity team, who will be with you every step of the way.