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What we do

Our national economy is stronger when local economies thrive—and if you’re a business owner, your success is linked to both. Employee ownership is an M&A strategy that fortifies businesses, makes local economies more resilient and allows more people to build economic stability for generations to come. And we’re here to help.

Founded in 2014, we help businesses transition to employee ownership, securing liquidity and a fair sale price for the owner while helping employees build equity and a solid career path. We conduct in-depth regional data studies that analyze business and workforce numbers to help communities retain jobs and address long-standing wealth inequalities that can hold local economies back. We also work with other leaders in the field to advance policies and practices that scale employee ownership across the nation.

Employee ownership is our passion — Our job is to show you why

We help owners sell their businesses

There are many reasons an owner may want to sell their business. Maybe it’s time to retire or move on to a new career—or simply share the responsibilities of running the business. Whatever the reason, Project Equity can help transition the business to its employees.

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We help owners strengthen their businesses

Many business owners simply want to attract or retain workers. Employee ownership or partial employee ownership provides invaluable incentives, giving workers a real stake in the business. This shift can lower turnover, enhance profit margins and provide tax benefits that can have a real impact on the bottom line. Project Equity can facilitate a partial employee ownership transition.

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We help communities retain jobs

As we’ve seen in communities across the country, employee ownership retains local businesses, while increasing both job satisfaction and employee retention. We partner with government, private and nonprofit leaders, policymakers and business advisors to analyze business and workforce data to keep jobs in place and tax dollars in the community. Together, we help strengthen local economies that might otherwise lose resiliency through job loss.

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We help employees build wealth

Employee ownership is a powerful tool to help employees of every income level have the chance to create long-term wealth for themselves and their families. Compared with traditional businesses, employee-owners have nearly double the household net wealth of their non-owner peers, and if just 30% of all businesses were owned by their employees, the share of wealth held by working people and people of color would more than quadruple.

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Project Equity operates as a project of Multiplier and is a proud member of the Ashoka network of changemakers.

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