Every engagement starts with a discovery process to understand if employee ownership fits with the owner’s goals and can support the business’ and employees’ future success.

Looking to sell or exit your business?

At Project Equity, we help business owners through the process of transitioning their companies to employee ownership. The process begins with a free consultation, in which you can learn about employee ownership models and explore the fit with your goals and needs.

Our consultations are conversations with you. We want to understand your unique circumstances, help determine your timing and explore how employee ownership could fit into your plans.

Interested but not ready to retire?

In addition to employee ownership being an excellent option for owners who want to exit, it’s also a uniquely strong fit for those who recognize how employee ownership can strengthen the business today and/or want to phase out over time.

An employee buyout strengthens a business’s ability to attract and retain employees, and increased employee engagement can lead to stronger business outcomes. It also includes many options for the owner to stay involved, whether in the same capacity or a new role, to share the burden of ownership responsibilities with other leaders within the company.

Are you a good fit for employee ownership?

Our experience shows that businesses with these qualities can be good candidates for employee ownership:

If you are ready to begin, our team can help you with a partial transition or prepare you for a future employee ownership transition.

Taking the first step towards employee ownership is exciting. If you are a business owner looking to sell or for partial liquidity, the perfect buyer may be the people you work with every day—your employees.

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