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Pathway to employee ownership
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Are you curious about how employee ownership can help you meet your goals and about the different types?

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Is your business a good fit for employee ownership? If so, what type works best? What is a feasible sale price and timeline?


What structure works best for your business? What role do you want? How can Project Equity support management transitions?

Closing the Sale

How will the sale be financed? And how can Project Equity help bring capital to the transaction?

Thrive Program

How will Project Equity support the business and its new employee-owners?

Project Equity champions healthy businesses and vibrant local communities through employee ownership

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We assist business owners in assessing the feasibility of employee ownership, then work with them to create a tailored transition plan, whether this means retirement or a new role.

No matter an owner’s situation, we support businesses at every step including accessing liquidity through full or partial transitions, connecting to capital, and engaging employees to ensure the new employee-owners learn, grow, and thrive.

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