Succession planning

Do you have a plan for when you are ready to move on to the next phase of your life?

When business owners talk about what they want from their retirement, leaving a lasting legacy is front and center, as is getting a fair sale price. Selling a business to the employees can accomplish this and more. 

Your business is your baby and also your legacy. If you’re getting ready to retire, you should know all your succession options. Some options include selling the business within the family, selling the business to an outside buyer (acquisition), transitioning to employee ownership and—what we want to help you avoid—closing down the business.

The stress of selling your business can be relieved knowing that your employees are taken care of through an employee ownership transition.


Managing Director at Stratus
Wealth Advisors

Employee ownership is becoming a preferred exit strategy for successful business owners. Not only can you exit on your terms and get liquidity from the hard work you’ve done through the years, you transfer ownership to the people who know it best–your employees. In addition, employee ownership can offer valuable tax benefits for both you and your company that you would not receive through an acquisition.

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