Financing and closing the sale

Where the deal comes together

Project Equity can help you know what's possible

In this step, Project Equity will help you establish the new employee-owned structure. This includes closing financing, finalizing and signing legal documents, the formal handover of ownership, and supporting leadership and employees in immediate post-transaction steps.

Businesses transitioning to employee ownership need capital to finance the sale, in addition to potentially needing working capital. The right type of financing is critical. Yet, companies may not have the right collateral to meet bank credit criteria, and traditional financial institutions may not fully understand employee ownership, asking for one owner (of many employee-owners) to sign a personal guarantee.

We offer financing directly through our two capital initiatives: Accelerate Employee Ownership and our Employee Ownership Catalyst Fund. With two flexible capital solutions seldom available through traditional means, we can help power your transition to employee ownership.

Need help understanding your financing options?

Whether your business needs working capital or transaction financing, Project Equity can help you know what’s possible.

Learn how The Local Butcher carved out a slice of employee ownership with a loan from the Employee Ownership Catalyst Fund.