Anastasia Torres, a Cal Solar employee-owner

Anastasia Torres, an employee-owner at California Solar Electric Co.

Chris Au, an employee-owner at Adams and Chittenden

Chris Au, an employee-owner at Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass

Ren Boguiren, an employee-owner at  A Slice of New York

Ren Boguiren, an employee-owner at A Slice of New York

Envisioning and building a more resilient & equitable future for all

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Your gift will preserve local businesses and increase economic resiliency for marginalized workers, low-income workers and workers of color now and as we transition to post-pandemic economic recovery.

Economic resiliency and equitable recovery through employee ownership

As we look back on 2021, one thing is crystal clear: workers, families, businesses and the overall economy need greater economic resilience.

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed families and businesses over the edge and into financial ruin, with disproportionate impacts on Black and Brown communities.

As we continue our recovery from the pandemic, we must build an economy that is fundamentally more equitable and resilient— one that creates real economic security for workers and their families.

Employee ownership must be a key part of the recovery.

We’ve seen firsthand how employee ownership can be a wealth-builder for workers and a beneficial model for businesses. A recent study from the Employee Ownership Foundation and Rutgers University found that employee-owned companies have outperformed non-employee-owned companies during the pandemic across the areas of workplace health and safety, benefits, worker pay, and job retention.

This story isn’t a new one: companies with broad-based ownership structures have historically fared better and supported workers more effectively than non-employee-owned enterprises during economic downturns.

We need your support!

Project Equity is focused on ensuring that we expand the benefits of employee ownership to more low-wage workers, families of color and communities nationwide. 


Because employee ownership keeps workers safer and employed, creates wealth-building pathways for low-wage workers and workers of color, and keeps local businesses open—even during a pandemic and a recession.

As we look ahead, we need your help to:

    • Create more employee-owners
    • Serve more small businesses
    • Launch programs in new regions around the country (stay tuned for details)
    • Spread the word about the power of employee ownership

“Proof has taught me to move through the food world with intentionality and accountability, not just in the kitchen but in the areas of service and our local community. I look forward to the new employee ownership collaboration that will elevate our voices, both individually and collectively.”

Jen Salgado
Employee-owner, Proof Bakery

Learn how we expanded our impact

Project Equity continues to educate hundreds of stakeholders and directly support more businesses and workers each year. To learn more, please visit our 2021 Impact Snapshot Report.

The employee ownership pathway to economic resiliency

Every business that becomes employee-owned benefits 20-40+ low- and moderate-wage workers.

The pathmaker

you create new paths to ownership for employees through small business consultations

The amplifier

you boost ownership opportunities for employees through virtual workshops & community outreach

The builder

you help empower employee-owners through our hands-on coaching program

The catalyst

you help launch a business and its workers on the employee ownership pathway through an in-depth capacity analysis

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