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Anastasia Torres, a Cal Solar employee-owner

Anastasia Torres, an employee-owner at California Solar Electric Co.

Chris Au, an employee-owner at Adams and Chittenden

Chris Au, an employee-owner at Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass

Ren Boguiren, an employee-owner at  A Slice of New York

Ren Boguiren, an employee-owner at A Slice of New York

The Employee Ownership Accelerator Campaign

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The Employee Ownership Accelerator Campaign is a national call to action with a big goal:

across the field by 2026

Studies have demonstrated that employee-owners earn 33% more and have household net worth nearly twice as high as non-employee owners. Through employee ownership, workers of all income levels have the opportunity to acquire assets and increase their income. This is especially important for working-class and Black and Latino employees, who are often economically the hardest hit.

We need your support

Employee ownership is a powerful tool to help working people and families from Black and Brown communities build economic security for generations to come. Just imagine what our communities could look like if more people had the means to actively participate in our local economies?

Join us in building long-term wealth for working people and Black and Latino families across the nation.

The U.S. economy is ready for a new direction to help employees of all income levels build economic security for the future: employee ownership. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the working poor made up almost half of the American workforce. 

Through employee ownership, employees can build wealth and assets. Employee ownership has transformative effects on employee-owners by creating high-quality jobs that help families pay for basics like housing and healthcare, grow assets and build for the future.

Now is the time to dramatically expand the number of worker-owners in the US. That’s why, through the Employee Ownership Accelerator Campaign, we will broadly drive awareness ofand access toemployee ownership for 2 million American workers across the field by 2026. The benefits experienced by low-income employees and Black and Brown employees can be life-changing. You can be part of that change.

Your help changes lives

Project Equity’s focus is expanding employee ownership to benefit more low-wage workers, families of color and communities nationwide.



Because employee ownership creates good jobs, raises incomes and generates wealth for low-wage workers and employees of color, and keeps local businesses open—even during economic downturns.

Our goal to influence and drive the creation of 2 million employee-owners is within reachbut not without your support!



Together we can grow good jobs that make a difference

Will you make a meaningful, high-impact gift to support the Employee Ownership Accelerator Campaign? 

“Proof has taught me to move through the food world with intentionality and accountability, not just in the kitchen but in the areas of service and our local community. I look forward to the new employee ownership collaboration that will elevate our voices, both individually and collectively.”

Jen Salgado
Employee-owner, Proof Bakery

Learn how we expanded our impact in 2022

Project Equity continues to expand education across the nation and directly support more businesses and workers each year. To learn more, please visit our 2022 Impact Snapshot Report.

Employee ownership is the pathway to income equality and wealth equity

How your support helps businesses and employees


you create new paths to ownership for employees through small business transition consultations


you boost ownership opportunities for employees through virtual workshops & community outreach


you help empower employee-owners’ success through our hands-on coaching program


you help launch a
business and its
workers on the
employee ownership