Thrive program

Where the benefits of employee ownership come to life

Ensuring both the company and its employee-owners are thriving in their ownership structures

The primary goals of Thrive are to ensure systems like training, leadership and management are in place to support a thriving ownership culture. Whether you’ve already transitioned or are seeking to prepare your team for a future transition, we can help.

While the Thrive program is designed to last for approximately two years for recently transitioned companies, the actual duration depends on the business’s specific needs, including what internal resources are already in place.

Thrive empowers new owners with vital structures they need to flourish in their new ownership roles:

Thrive empowers new owners to build vital structures for decision-making, information-sharing, training and accountability needed to flourish in their ownership roles.

After transitioning to an employee-owned company, California Solar Electric Company began the final stage of engagement with Project Equity through our Thrive program.

Read how Cal Solar built an ownership culture that helped the business and its owners thrive, even through the COVID-19 pandemic.