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Ten years of impact

In 2014, Project Equity was born out of a simple yet profound idea: that employee ownership has the power to maintain thriving local business communities, create quality jobs, and address income and wealth inequality. Since then, Project Equity has grown into a national leader in the employee ownership movement, and our impact speaks for itself:

  • We have created dozens of new employee-owned companies, securing quality jobs and pathways to ownership and economic resilience for hundreds of workers.
  • We’ve provided hands-on technical assistance and guidance to over 100 businesses (with more than 2,000 employees) along the path to employee ownership.
  • We have educated over 15,000 stakeholders about employee ownership and provided 1-on-1 counseling to more than 1,100 business owners.
  • We’ve engaged with key stakeholders in diverse regions across the U.S. to foster an awareness of employee ownership and the growth of local ecosystems that support employee ownership transitions.
  • We’ve championed diversity and inclusion within the ownership landscape to ensure that workers from all walks of life can become employee-owners through our Black Employee Ownership Initiative and Spanish language justice services in our transition processes.
  • We’ve broadened access to critical innovations in the employee ownership field, like standing up two capital initiatives to provide loans to support transitions and creating accredited employee ownership courses for business advisors.
  • Our research and advocacy efforts have shaped local, state, and national conversations on employee ownership, influencing policy and inspiring real change.
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Ten year history of Project Equity

10 year Anniversary campaign

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Our 10 Year Anniversary Campaign is more than just a fundraiser; it’s a celebration of our collective impact and a step towards an even more equitable future. Whether you give now or pledge for tomorrow, your generosity will catalyze our work for another decade of shared prosperity.