Partnering with you to craft and negotiate the structures, roles and terms of the sale

Reward the team that helped you build your success

At this step, we work with you to design the details of the employee ownership structure, define the selling owner’s role and plan and support any management transitions. Next, we support negotiations to determine the terms of the sale and help identify financing sources. Throughout, we engage, train and support managers and employees.

Working with legal advisers, we help you finalize the deal terms and sale documents and then facilitate the closing of all financing sources. In addition, we engage and support leaders and employees in the immediate post-transaction steps and any new governance or onboarding processes.

Throughout, we are partners in your success. We implement training and support to ensure both the business and its future employee-owners are prepared for employee ownership and any governance changes.

Employee ownership is a decision as unique as each business

We work with you to choose the right plan for your future

Owner Stays

Owner Stays

The owner has the option to stay on as an employee-owner, in the CEO/ General Manager or a newly defined role, ensuring planful and effective transition of responsibilities and relationships on the right timeline.

Read how Carolyn Berke, Niles Pie’s original owner, divvied up ownership and continued on with the business after the transition.
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Owner Exits
or Retires

Owner exits or retires

The owner has the option to exit the business at the time of or shortly after the sale. The transition period can include a role for the owner as a consultant, to remain partially or minimally involved for a set period of time.

Read how Jerry Skomer, founder of Alternative Technologies, leveraged employee ownership to secure his retirement.
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