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Employee-owned cooperatives: Basic concepts and potential solutions for your clients’ business succession challenges

Employee ownership is a proven strategy for your clients to:

  • Receive market value for their business
  • Preserve their legacy
  • Retain & engage employees

Employee ownership has also been shown to strengthen business performance through:

  • Lower turnover: Workers at employee-owned businesses have 46% longer job tenure than their peers in firms that are not employee-owned
  • Higher productivity: Employee-owned enterprises reported productivity levels that were 9–19% higher than levels in traditionally structured similar businesses
  • Higher profits: Employee-owned firms have an average profit margin almost 8.5% higher than the average private firm
  • Employee-owned cooperatives can be established under current Iowa law
  • Various traditional Iowa entities adaptable to employee-owned cooperatives
  • Standard organizational documents modifiable to include cooperative principles
  • Cooperative tax treatment eligibility when organized & operated on a cooperative basis

Join this free session to learn more about how to unlock the power of EO for your clients. Application has been made for 1 hour of CLE credit for this webinar and is hosted by Drake University Law School, the Iowa Center for Employee Ownership, the University of Northern Iowa, and Project Equity, a national nonprofit organization that offers free one-on-one advising to any business owner that wants to learn more and explore a transition to employee ownership.