Hosted by Project Equity

Recorded on June 26, 2019

Explore how employee ownership can help business owners retain and attract exceptional employees.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

    • Attract and retain top talent by providing ownership opportunities
    • Exit financially and ensure continued impact in your community
    • Preserve and grow good jobs and great businesses
Carolyn G. Berke, Founder of Niles Pie, discusses why she transitioned her successful business into a worker-owned cooperative. By turning her business into a coop, Carolyn brought job stability and growth to the business, as well as a way to provide staff with profit sharing and ownership. It was also a way for her to eventually retire from the business, and she will continue to build it with her employees for the coming years.


Carolyn G. Berke, Founder, Niles Pie

Carolyn started Niles Pie in Union City, which has become not only a successful pie shop and café but also has retail sales, classes, dinners, and catering. Carolyn believes deeply in people, in a just society and economy, and in making things work. Combining food, community and satisfying work was the original goal in starting Niles Pie, and the next logical step for Carolyn was employee ownership. With guidance from Project Equity, Niles Pie successfully transitioned to a worker-owned cooperative in 2017, becoming the first cooperative on the 880 corridor.


Donna Sky, Business Development Manager, Project Equity

Donna is a long time social entrepreneur and San Francisco business owner. She is the founder of Love & Hummus Co., a mission-driven food startup she operated starting in 2009 and grew from inception into a national brand.  Donna’s work with Project Equity is led by her expertise as a business owner, her passion for using business as a force for good, developing a more inclusive economy and the creation of more employee-owned businesses.


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