The business of the future cultivates real ownership

In the dawn of the Information Age, our nation finds itself radically redefining how work is organized. This spring, Project Equity attended the 2018 Equity Summit hosted by PolicyLink. This year’s Equity Summit generated unprecedented interest, swelling to over 4,000 attendees and demonstrating a deep national desire to advance racial and economic equity.

We were honored to participate as part of the Kendeda Fund Community Wealth Building delegation. We also met up with many friends from Echoing Green (pictured above). We were very pleased to hear many conversations—on the main stages, in conference sessions, and in many side meetings—about the need for a more equitable economy and one that includes employee ownership. Experts from across the nation confirmed that NOW is our opportunity to build businesses that take care of the people that work in them and that our economy will be stronger as a result.

As Angela Glover Blackwell, PolicyLink’s CEO put it:

Imagine how much stronger America’s economy would be if we could all bring our power, talent and potential to the fore.

At Project Equity we believe that employee ownership is an ideal way to harness the power, talent and potential of all workers. Our expertise lies in helping business owners harness this solution to their succession needs and carry out a transfer of ownership to their employees. Because every business is unique, our approach is catered specifically to the owner’s and employees’ needs.

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