Aspen Institute’s Economic Opportunities Program interviews Alison Lingane

“We hope, over the years, for our approach to become a learning laboratory for understanding job quality priorities for workers in small businesses.”

Alison Lingane
Co-founder, Project Equity

Alison Lingane, Project Equity co-founder, was interviewed and profiled on the Aspen Institute’s Economic Opportunities Program website, as part of the cohort of Job Quality Fellows for their Economic Opportunities Program (EOP) Class of 2018-19.

Alison has been working with other leaders in the job quality space to find ways to raise the quality of workplace satisfaction. Project Equity is focused on employee ownership as a way to help make positive changes in job quality for low to middle-income workers.

Innovative change

The Fellows come from diverse nonprofit, businesses and government agencies, and are selectively chosen by the Job Quality Fellowship for the ground-breaking ways they are helping individuals find meaningful work and access to better quality jobs. The Fellowship was created to help support these leaders in their important and timely work.

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