How baby boomer retirement can unlock a massive wealth transfer

“Employee ownership is both a profound and a simple business model in which business decisions are made through the lens of what is good for their employees and by extension, their families and their communities. It creates true pathways to opportunity and quality jobs.”

Alison Lingane (3rd from right), Project Equity’s Co-founder, distilled the power of employee ownership in only 6 minutes at the Prosperity Now’s Summit in September.

As baby boomer business owners in your community begin to retire, what is to become of their businesses? Think of the ones you frequent, or that provide important jobs in your community. With baby boomers owning nearly half of these businesses, neighborhoods, relationships and local jobs are at risk.

In this video from her presentation, Alison goes on to reveal the story of a bakery and a glass manufacturing business’ journey to employee ownership. Learn more about how we can help businesses in your community.

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