Community engagement

This summer, Project Equity helped the employees complete their purchase of Niles Pie Company, a growing bakery and cafe in Union City, CA. On August 12th Niles Pie threw their community a big party, and the turnout was fantastic.

Union City Mayor Carol Dutra-Vernaci and Senior District Representative Meriam Reynosa (top left) from the office of California State Senator Bob Wieckowski joined in the celebrations. In honor of founder Carolyn Berke’s (right) positive economic impact on her community and strengthening the ecosystem of employee ownership, Representative Reynosa presented her with a Certificate of Recognition from the CA State Senate.

Project Equity team members Patty and Elan also attended, and along with Kirk and Marguerite (right) from A Slice of New York (another of Project Equity’s coop conversions this year) enjoyed the festivities, live music and delicious treats.

Thanks to Kirk and Marguerite for sharing their lovely photographs!


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