Building culture in a virtual world

With the stay-at-home orders forcing employees to work virtually, there are still ways to maintain and strengthen your organizational culture. At Project Equity, we remain determined to keep our virtual “doors” open to both our employees and our clients. Here’s one way we kept the culture active during an important meeting.

Video scavenger hunt

Team members are split up into groups of four and given a list of items that they must find. After coming back together, the groups each show the items they found and share whether they were able to complete the entire list. Then, group by group, each individual tells a story or anecdote about one of their items to the entire team.

Team Building Goals

  • Get people up from where they are sitting
  • Practice quick collaboration and communication skills to achieve a shared goal
  • Share and learn about each other
  • Grow rapport between team members


  1. Teams have ten minutes to search for the items. Each team member needs to get at least two items. The object for the team is to get as many items as possible before time runs out.
  2. Once the time is up, the teams gather and present their items to the full group.
  3. Each person tells a story about one of their objects, two minutes per person. This gives an opportunity for everyone to share something, and for the team to get to know each person better through the story of their item.

Scavenger hunt object ideas

  • A family photo
  • The oldest article of clothing you own
  • Something that was a gift
  • An item you got while traveling
  • A weird kitchen gadget
  • A book you’ve read more than once
  • A photo of a favorite place you’ve been
  • Something you’ve made yourself
  • A mask (your interpretation)
  • A favorite plant
  • A favorite hat or accessory
  • Music or video on a pre CD / DVD format (record, cassette)
  • Event tickets
  • An unread book / uncompleted project / something you’ve wanted to do but haven’t
  • An unnecessary but personally important item you would take with you if your home was on fire
  • Oldest / most obscure item in your pantry
  • An item that symbolizes your own spirit or inner light
  • An item from an ancestor
  • An Item from your childhood
  • An item that represents a mentor or someone you admire or get inspiration from

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