The business owner’s best kept secret to success and succession

For most businesses, the employees are the most valuable assets. Imagine, if job satisfaction skyrocketed, how much would that increase the productivity of a business and keep people in their jobs longer term? Studies conducted by the National Center for Employee Ownership found that after becoming employee-owned business productivity increases 4-5% on average and job tenure is 53% longer.

From Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) to alternative trusts and cooperatives, employee ownership is becoming a preferred strategy for succession planning.

However, the work to raise awareness of this option is far from over! We were heartbroken to hear recently from a business owner who told us,

“If I had know about employee ownership sooner, I wouldn’t have listed it for public sale.”

Do you know a business owner who could use help with their succession plan?

Project Equity supports business owners in discovering the benefits of employee ownership and helps them find out if selling the business to their employees is a good fit. We then work with a core group of employees to structure a smooth transition to employee ownership with an effective ownership culture.

We host regional events with interested communities and local partners to create action plans that show the benefits employee owned businesses can bring to a community. We help build the structure, knowledge and support within local ecosystems that help democratically-run businesses grow and thrive.

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