Alison Lingane selected for the Aspen Job Quality Fellowship

“The Job Quality Fellowship presents an opportunity for Project Equity to bring employee ownership into important national conversations about job quality.”

Alison Lingane
Co-founder, Project Equity

Project Equity is honored to have the opportunity for our co-founder, Alison Lingane, to take part in the 2018-2019 cohort of national leaders selected by The Aspen Institute to be Job Quality Fellows for their Economic Opportunities Program (EOP).

The Job Quality Fellowship gives Project Equity a unique opportunity both to inject the benefits of employee ownership into a national conversation about workplace quality issues, and to learn from Aspen and other changemakers from across the country about what they are doing to improve job quality for workers.

According to the Aspen Institute, “The Job Quality Fellowship aims to support and strengthen the work of leaders dedicated to expanding access to and availability of better quality jobs in our economy.”

The mission of the EOP is to increase the everyday worker’s ability to find quality employment, build financial stability, and attain the ever harder to grasp piece of the American pie.

Project Equity believes employee ownership is a powerful way to create high-quality jobs and successful businesses. In this way, our missions are well-matched, and we are so honored and excited to have Alison join the EOP cohort.

This fellowship couldn’t be more timely for our work at Project Equity, as the imperative of helping people find a path to financial stability is only growing; and it is core to our work to transition businesses to employee ownership. We work with the employee-owners at the businesses we support to help them score their workplaces based on a wide range of job quality measures. We then help them to develop a plan to make improvements based on what measures are most important to them— ranging from pay and benefits to workplace voice and agency, humane scheduling, profit-sharing, asset-building, and many others.

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