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Why is employee ownership a great option?

Are you a Metro Atlanta business owner looking for tools to retain employees or build a succession plan? Are you beginning to consider retiring or transitioning your business to another owner?

The perfect buyer for your company may be the ones you work with every day, and the perfect employee engagement strategy might be to give them a stake in your business’s future.

Sources: National Center for Employee Ownership, Democracy at Work Institute, 2018 National Longitudinal Survey, Rutgers University

Employee-owned companies in Atlanta

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The Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative and Project Equity discuss current efforts to narrow the racial wealth gap in Atlanta by supporting small business transitions to employee ownership.

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Employee ownership as a strategy for business and workforce retention

Small, locally owned businesses are essential to Atlanta’s local economy and regional community vitality. Among the challenges the city faces is keeping businesses and the jobs they provide rooted in the community, as the Silver Tsunami – the retirement of baby boomer business owners – impacts the region.

Learn more about curbing the effects of the Silver Tsunami.

In the news

A roadmap to Black employee ownership

Wealth inequality in the United States is staggering. Atlanta has one of the highest rates of income inequality in the country. The median household income for a Black family in Atlanta is $28,105 compared to $83,722 for a White family. That’s roughly one-third.

Project Equity partnered with Morehouse College to produce two groundbreaking papers that provide a comprehensive analysis of the challenges facing Black workers in building wealth and opportunities for economic advancement and make the case for employee ownership as a tool for reducing the racial wealth gap in Atlanta.

Learn more about our Black Employee Ownership Initiative.

About Project Equity and our Metro Atlanta partners

As a national organization, Project Equity advocates for and raises awareness of broad-based, democratic employee ownership, and we support businesses in transitioning to this highly beneficial business model. Through amazing local partners, like the Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative, we support this work in regions across the country.

The Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative reimagines economic realities in communities of color through community wealth building strategies that powerfully leverage ideas, people and capital.

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In February 2023, Project Equity hosted our inaugural Employee Ownership...

Project Equity has partnered directly with SBDCs and regional networks...