Flatten the curve for small businesses

We must support our local businesses. They are the lifeblood that runs through the American economy. Employee ownership can help us rebuild a more resilient country.

In this challenging environment, we will continue to work tirelessly to support businesses to transition to employee ownership. We believe that locally-owned businesses are the lifeblood of our economy and our communities. Nearly half (47 percent) of the private sector workforce is employed by small businesses, yet many small businesses, according to a 2016 JP Morgan study, have approximately 27 days of available cash to weather the current challenges.


We must support local businesses through this crisis to enable us to rebuild with more resiliency.

 As many businesses struggle to survive, they and their frontline workers are in a new and uncharted kind of crisis right now. This is heightening the conversation about the need for a different kind of economy that is aligned with the values of people first. Our hope is that the drumbeat of these conversations can grow stronger and turn into real systems change to create an economy that has resiliency for local businesses for workers baked into its DNA.

Employee ownership can guide our nation and our workforce to a stronger, more resilient tomorrow.

Employee-owned businesses are more resilient.
In past recessions, they outlasted their peers and were slower to lay off workers.


Employee-owners are more resilient.
Employee-owners have assets (as measured by household net worth) that are nearly twice as high as non-owners in similar industries. (National Center for Employee Ownership)


Employee ownership can guide our nation and our workforce to a stronger, more resilient tomorrow. Business owners who sell to employees can protect their legacy, realize liquidity for retirement, build wealth and savings for the employees, boost productivity and morale, increase employee retention, and keep local businesses in our communities.

Learn more about the benefits of employee ownership to businesses, employees and communities in The Case for Employee Ownership.

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