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Benefits for business advisors

As a business advisor you are always looking for tools and strategies that enhance your ability to serve your clients. We have a tool that can benefit you and your clients.

Employee ownership—where full or partial or full company ownership is transferred to employees for a fair price—is a strategy adopted by many successful businesses. It is a proven method to increase liquidity and productivity. It can help with hiring, retention and employee engagement. It can help your clients sell their businesses while retaining some measure of control over the pace and structure of the transaction. And, it can keep the legacy of their businesses intact.

“Some business owners get stuck on the traditional ways to exit their business. The stress of selling your business can be relieved knowing that your employees are taken care of through an employee ownership transition.”

Sam Brownell, Managing Director at Stratus Wealth Advisors.

Whether you are an exit planner, a financial advisor, lender, lawyer, management consultant or another trusted business advisor, Project Equity can help you identify good candidates already within your portfolio of small and mid-sized business clients, and show you how offering a full or partial employee ownership transition will expand your own business capabilities.

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Employee ownership can benefit you and your clients

Watch: Growing your practice through employee ownership

A recorded webinar for business advisors, hosted by Project Equity in partnership with BEI, one of the leading networks of exit planning advisors.

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