2023 Employee Ownership Equity Summit highlight series

In February 2023, Project Equity hosted our inaugural Employee Ownership Equity Summit. The Summit brought over 150 leaders from around the country to exchange ideas and create action plans that harness the power of employee ownership to transform their communities.

We packed a lot into our three days together. Our main stage speakers incubated daring conversations that sparked visionary blueprints for regions across our nation.

We want you to share in the experience. Over the coming weeks, we will share videos of curated conversations from the Summit to help you do just that.

Part one: Why EO now?

We kicked off the Summit with critical context and stories that illustrate why employee ownership is such an important strategy right now.

Why EO now?

Evan Edwards, CEO, Project Equity

Four crises, one solution – employee ownership

Alison Lingane, Co-founder and Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Project Equity

Can we leverage employee ownership to address the racial wealth gap?

James Alva, Founder and CEO, Adelante Partners 

What is equity?

Melvin Carter, Mayor of  St.Paul, Minnesota

Next up in the Highlight Series

Part two: Building an employee ownership ecosystem
Part three: Stories of employee ownership
Part four: Employee ownership’s momentum

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