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Why is employee ownership a great option?

Are you a Fremont business owner looking for tools to retain employees or build a succession plan? Are you beginning to consider retiring or transitioning your business to another owner?

The perfect buyer for your company may be the ones you work with every day, and the perfect employee engagement strategy might be to give them a stake in your business’s future.

Sources: National Center for Employee Ownership, Democracy at Work Institute, 2018 National Longitudinal Survey, Rutgers University

Employee-owned companies we’ve worked with in Fremont

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Employee ownership as a strategy for business and workforce retention

Small, locally owned businesses are essential to Fremont’s local economy and regional community vitality. Among the challenges the city faces is keeping businesses and the jobs they provide rooted in the community, as the Silver Tsunami – the retirement of baby boomer business owners – impacts the region.

Learn more about curbing the effects of the Silver Tsunami.

Manufacturing in Fremont

Manufacturing accounts for a whopping 21% of the San Francisco Bay Area’s regional GDP. In the city of Fremont, CA, alone, the manufacturing cluster provides one in every four jobs. These are solid middle class jobs that pay well, have professional advancement opportunities, and are generally accessible to people without a four-year college degree. In our recent study, we found 38% of Fremont’s manufacturing and related supply chain businesses are more than twenty years old. What happens when these business owners retire? How many of them will be sold to an out-of-town buyer or, worse, simply liquidate and close their doors?

Learn more about manufacturing in Fremont.

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About Project Equity and our Fremont partners

As a national organization, Project Equity raises awareness of broad-based employee ownership, and we support businesses in transitioning to this highly beneficial business model. We support this work through amazing local partners like the City of Fremont.

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Manufacturing accounts for a whopping 21% of the San Francisco...

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