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Attain your employee retention and exit goals

with employee ownership

Receive equity

Receive market value for what you have built, and potentially gain significant tax savings.

Preserve your legacy

 Selling your business to your employees can help you leave a lasting legacy.

Retain employees

Provide opportunity for the people who have worked alongside you to build your business.

Why is employee ownership a great option?

Are you a Los Angeles business owner looking for tools to retain employees or build a succession plan? Are you beginning to consider retiring or transitioning your business to another other owner?

The perfect buyer for your company may be the ones you work with every day, and the perfect employee engagement strategy might be to give them a stake in your business’s future.

Employee-owned businesses have:

  • Lower turnover: Workers at employee-owned businesses have 46% longer job tenure than their peers in firms that are not employee-owned*
  • Higher productivity: Employee-owned enterprises reported productivity levels that were 9–19% higher than levels in traditionally structured similar businesses*

  • Higher profits: Employee-owned firms have an average profit margin almost 8.5% higher than the average private firm*

  • More resilient: In 2020, during COVID business shut downs, employee-owned companies were less than half as likely to lay off employees and 6x more likely to say they expected to make a full recovery*

*Read more about the research behind these findings in The Case for Employee Ownership.

Explore your options

As you explore your succession options, it’s important to examine all of your choices. While selling your business on the market might seem like the best choice, did you know that the vast majority of businesses put on the market don’t sell?

Project Equity provides one-on-one advising and support to companies that want to explore and execute integrating partial or full employee ownership, and also offers working capital and transaction financing. Schedule a free consultation.

Meet Na Young

“For the last ten years, both collaboration and cooperation have been a driving force behind daily operations at Proof,” said Ma. “When employees help to build a business and keep it going, I think it’s important that they have a chance to reap the benefits.”

Na Young Ma

Employee-owner, Proof Bakery, Los Angeles, CA

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The Perfect Buyer

The perfect buyer for your company may be the ones you work with every day—your employees.

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