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Business Owners Forum:
Why I chose worker ownership for the legacy of my business

Presented as part of the City of Santa Clara’s Worker Cooperative Initiative

Recorded on: May 25,  2021

Hosted by the City of Santa Clara in partnership with Project Equity, The Democracy at Work Institute, Sustainable Economies Law Center, and the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives.

In this webinar, we learned about worker-owned business models directly from business owners.

The event featured a panel discussion with founders of successful worker-owned businesses and explored how a transition to a worker cooperative via an employee buyout was the right choice for them.

Guest speakers include:

    • Kirk Vartan, A Slice of New York
    • Jerry Skomer, Alternative Technologies
    • George Chittenden, Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass

    How it works

    Understand the steps to transition your business

    Learn from others

    See how others transitioned and how the financing worked

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