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Business Resiliency Through Employee Ownership

The Kaiser Permanente Pilot

Kaiser Permanente took a groundbreaking step to become one of the first healthcare anchor institutions to invest in employee ownership as a way to further their commitment to supporting equitable economic opportunity and community health.

The Business Resiliency through Employee Ownership (BREO) pilot initiative, funded by Kaiser Permanente and in partnership with Obran Cooperative and Project Equity, is an innovative approach to strengthening Kaiser Permanente’s supply chain and building community wealth through educating and transitioning suppliers into powerful employee-owned companies.

This report details the outcomes and recommendations of the pilot initiative and demonstrates how philanthropic support and thought leadership by anchor institutions can play an important role in scaling employee ownership.

Published March 2023

Businesses owned by baby boomers

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Our latest study across the United States indicates millions of businesses are at risk of closing and point to employee ownership as a solution.

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