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Employee Ownership contributes to job quality

Employee Ownership contributes to job quality, featured in U.S. Commerce Dept. Job Quality Toolkit

ARPA and employee ownership

The American Rescue Plan (ARPA) is one funding source that local communities are using to unlock the power of employee ownership to support economic resilience and equitable recovery.

Project Equity co-founders receive Heinz Award for the Economy

Hilary Abell and Alison Lingane recognized for their roles in catalyzing employee ownership movement

A bold vision for Black Business Month

There are a lot of important ways to support the growth of Black-owned businesses. We can continue to push for greater access to capital, expand the aperture of creditworthiness and connect young entrepreneurs with mentors.

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EOX state center network is expanding

EOX state center network is expanding

Steve Storkan, the Executive Director of the Employee Ownership Expansion Network (EOX) and his staff members have been very busy expanding the network of state centers for employee ownership.

Businesses owned by baby boomers

New updates!

Our latest study across the United States indicates millions of businesses are at risk of closing and point to employee ownership as a solution.

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