Burnett Specialists

Project Equity interviewed Burnett Specialists, a successful ESOP and Staffing firm in Houston, Texas that went from woman-owned to 100% employee-owned. Read interview >>

Job quality agenda for the new administration

A Job Quality Agenda for the Next Administration was written by The Aspen Institute Job Quality Fellows urging policymakers to build an agenda for economic recovery focused on job quality and economic inclusion.

City of Santa Clara Partnership

The City of Santa Clara launched an initiative to assist locally-owned businesses that are at risk of closure to learn about the option of employee ownership.

2021 New Years Resolution

2021 is a new year, and a great time to make a resolution to focus on succession planning.

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New studies in regions across the U.S., including Washington StateBerkeley and Long Beach, CA show millions of businesses at risk and point to employee ownership as a solution.

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