Reach your business succession goals

with employee ownership

Retire comfortably

Your business is your nest egg. Employee ownership is the perfect way to receive fair value for what you have built. Selling to employees can also bring significant tax savings.

Preserve your legacy

When business owners tell us what they want from their retirement, leaving a lasting legacy is front and center. Selling your business to your employees can accomplish this and more.

Keep jobs local

Employee ownership retains jobs in your community and provides opportunity to the people who have worked hard to build your business.

Employee ownership can help you reach your goals.

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Why is employee ownership a great option?

Nearly 50% of Bay Area small business owners are baby boomers. These long-term business owners are already starting to retire, and the need to prepare for succession is critical.  

Business owners may face a challenge as they approach retirement

As you explore your succession options, it’s important to examine all of your choices. While selling your business on the market might seem like the best choice, did you know that the vast majority of businesses put on the market don’t sell? 

Rather than run the risk of closing down, consider selling your business to the people who know it bestyour employees.   

The myths and the reality

Myths: Like many business owners, you may doubt that your employees can run your company, that they will want to buy it, or that they have the money to buy it. These are some of the myths that we can help you overcome.

Reality: The truth is that many Bay Area business owners are already enjoying the benefits of employee ownership as a succession plan that allows them to keep their legacy intact while retiring comfortably.


“Who better to take on my business than my employees? It just made sense.”

Tom Adams

Co-Founder, Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass in Berkeley, California

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Our goal is to keep businesses rooted in our community and local economy. We work with Bay Area cities to help ensure that happens. We have partnered with the cities of Berkeley and Fremont to help local businesses learn about the power of employee ownership.

“The City of Berkeley believes in employee ownership as a great strategy for employees, businesses and the Berkeley community.”

Jordan Klein

Economic Development Manager, City of Berkeley


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The perfect buyer for your company may be the ones you work with every day—your employees.

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Find out how employee ownership can help you retire comfortably and let your legacy live on.

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