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with employee ownership

Retain equity
Receive market value for what you have built, and potentially gain significant tax savings.
Preserve your legacy
Selling your business to your employees can help you leave a lasting legacy.
Save jobs
Provide opportunity for the people who have worked alongside you to build your business.

Why is employee ownership a great option?

Are you a Florida business owner looking for a change? Have you owned your business for over 20 years? Are you beginning to consider retiring or transitioning your business to another owner?

The perfect buyer for your company may be the ones you work with every day.

Business owners may face a challenge as they approach retirement

As you explore your succession options, it’s important to examine all of your choices. While selling your business on the market might seem like the best choice, did you know that the vast majority of businesses put on the market don’t sell?

Rather than run the risk of closing down, consider selling your business to the people who know it best—your employees.

The myths and the reality

Like many Florida business owners, you may doubt that your employees can run your company, that they will want to buy it, or that they have the money to buy it. These are some of the myths that we can help you overcome.

The truth is that many business owners are already enjoying the benefits of employee ownership as a succession plan that allows them to keep their legacy intact while retiring comfortably.

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Meet Lars

“A good business involves a lot more than one brain. You’re relying on a brain trust of strong thinkers to be as adaptable as possible. The beauty of employee ownership is it involves everybody. It allows everyone to feel vested in the success of the business.”

Lars Ortegren

Employee-owner, California Solar Electric Company

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The Perfect Buyer

The perfect buyer for your company may be the ones you work with every day—your employees.

Employee Ownership options

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Retaining Florida businesses

Source: 2012 Census Survey of Business Owners


Project Equity has partnered with Citi to achieve the following goals:

  • Strengthen local workforces’ economic resiliency by fostering retention of legacy businesses
  • Sustain and expand Florida’s economic vitality
  • Embed employee ownership as an effective model for economic sustainability and growth in the local business ecosystem 

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