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—For Small Business Owners

You’re invited to a one-day hands-on immersive workshop hosted by Project Equity in Oakland, CA in Spring of 2019.

Alongside a small number of your business owner peers, you will:

  • Hear why business owners choose employee ownership as an exit option to create lasting impact and receive market value
  • Learn how employee-owned businesses are managed to create a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining the best talent
  • Learn about the different forms of employee ownership (including Cooperatives, ESOPs and Perpetual Trusts)
  • Collaboratively work with business owners and employee ownership experts to understand the implications, timeframe, capitalization, and benefits available
  • Build a now-to-succession vision for your business that works today and ensures a market price in the future

You will leave with an initial map of how employee ownership could work for your business.

For questions contact Donna Sky: [email protected] or (415) 646-5577.

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