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How Project Equity can help moving forward

Prior to the COVID-19 crisis only 1 out of 5 businesses listed on the major marketplace, BizBuySell, ever sold. This new economic landscape is unprecedented.

Let us help you navigate your succession strategy

We understand that many of you may be fighting for the survival of your business as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Project Equity helps business owners understand if employee ownership is a good fit for your goals. If you’re worried about closing your doors, Project Equity can explore liquidity and exit goals to help assess how employee ownership could advance them.

We are here to help. Our team is skilled at working remotely and we are available via phone, video conference and email to support our clients and engage with businesses interested in exploring employee ownership.

Why consider transitioning to employee ownership

  • Provides market value Also, Project Equity can help find the capital, with our established lenders, to finance the sale.
  • Accommodates flexible financingEmployees do not finance the transaction; a leveraged buyout offers maximum flexibility.
  • Delivers unique tax advantages The owner and business can benefit from significant tax advantages. 
  • Yields transition control to owner The business owner drives the sale, timing and process.
  • Strengthens local economy New employee-owners build equity, preserve business legacy and keep money circulating in the local economy.