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Apr 7, 2018

Rock City Roasters employees and family
We participate in Workers to Owners, a nationwide collaborative whose member organizations also help businesses convert to employee ownership. Check out these beautiful videos that document Rock City Employee Cooperative, a coffee shop and roaster (new owners and families pictured above), In Source Renewables, a solar company and A Child’s Place, a childcare business that they are currently working to convert to employee ownership.

Rock City  Roasters

Location: Rockland, ME
Industry: Cafe
Number of employees: 25
Conversion date: 2018

Professional support from: Cooperative Development Institute

In Source Renewables

Location:  Pittsfield, ME
Industry: Energy
Number of employees: 10
Conversion date: in progress

Professional support from: Cooperative Development Institute

A Child’s Place

Location: Queens, NY
Industry: Childcare
Number of employees: 50
Conversion date: in progress

Professional support from: The Working World

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