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Project Equity joins Ashoka’s 2019 Changemaker Fellowship

We are thrilled to share that Project Equity’s co-founder, Alison Lingane, has been selected as a 2019 Ashoka Fellow! It’s an incredible honor to be part of this amazing network of social entrepreneurs focused on systems change.

 “Ashoka Fellows are the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. They champion innovative new ideas that transform society’s systems, providing benefits for everyone and improving the lives of millions of people.”

We chose to have Alison represent our co-founders in this important fellowship, and this honor reflects on the hard work and amazing talent of our entire team. 

Ashoka is a growing community of 3,800 social entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows) spanning the United States and 90+ countries. Alison Lingane has joined as a 2019 Changemaker Fellow, a fellowship for social entrepreneurs leading “the most significant social and economic issues of our time, with system-changing ideas.”

Ashoka states, “Social entrepreneurs imagine a new way forward and build it for everyone. They respond to society’s urgent problems with extraordinary leverage, creativity and commitment, and open ways for others to contribute as changemakers. Ashoka gives them a lifelong home, visibility, and meaningful connections across every growth and impact stage.”

Ashoka prides itself on guiding their changemaker fellows along their path to foster social progress by providing “catalytic investments, with strategic guidance, and with an unmatched peer-to-peer community.”

We look forward to bringing wisdom, connections, and continued inspiration from the global Ashoka network to Project Equity and to the employee ownership movement.

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